Condensate And Hot Waste Water Lift Pumps

Condensate Pump

condensate pump

Lift Basic – Condensate pump for A/C and gas condensing boiler up to 300kW

Lift 4m max – max flow 200 l/hr – £65.00

Condensate Pump


Lift – Condensate pump for A/C and gas condensing boilers up to 400kW

Lift – 4m max – max flow 350 l/hr – £84.00£65.00

Condensate Pump For Oil


Lift NT25 – Condensate pump for oil condensing boilers with neutralizing tank

Lift 4m max – max flow 14 l/hr – £275.00

Condensate Removal Pump


TP1 – Condensate removal pump for A/C and Gas condensing boilers – 200kW

Lift 5m max – max flow 450 l/hr – £140.00

PH-3-HW Boiler Hot Water & condensate pump

CE200 – Hot wastewater lift pump

Lift 7m max – max flow 200 l/min. – £402.00

SWH series Hot Waste water pumps


SWH 100 / SWH 190 – Hot wastewater lift pump – Lift 6m and 11m max

max flow from 130 l/min. SWH 100 Lift 6m £442.00

230 l/min. SWH 190 Lift 11m – £522.00

Dairy Cabinet Pump


CP35 – Dairy Cabinet Pump - Refrigerated display cabinet condensate pump

Low profile for under refrigeration counter and display cabinets c/w hi level alarm 3 inlets with integrated NRV on discharge, Lift 23m £245.00

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We also stock a comprehensive range of water and effluent pumps, as well as chemical pumps for the heating trade. Look here to see a detailed list of HPC Direct pumps that we manufacture and supply.

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