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Condensate and Waste Water Lift Pumps

TP1 Boiler and air-conditioning condensate pump

condensate pump
  • German designed for domestic boiler condensate and air-conditioning systems
  • Fully automatic, with alarm
  • Compact size, quiet operation with high performance
  • Heating capacity to 200Kw
  • 5.5 m lift c/w discharge NRV
  • Temperature to 60*C
  • LED diagnostics - 230v
  • Max 460 ltrs/hr

CP35 - Dairy Cabinet Pump

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Floatless level sensing technology
  • Low profile under 82mm
  • Footprint 590mm x 285mm
  • Pump capacity 11 l/m (650 litre/hour) at 1m discharge head
  • Automatic self-priming.
  • 425 litre/hour at 15m head with12mm id hose
  • 25 metres High Head performance maximum
  • 230V 50Hz – 0.6 amps (110V versions available)
  • 1½ inch side and top entry Inlet
  • ½/12mm discharge hose connection
  • Easy clean strainer
  • 4.6 litre tank capacity
  • Integral non-return valve
  • Proven level sensing technology
  • 3ltr Drink cycle
  • Potential-free contact 0.5A
  • Jally Strip slime control

UPC 30 Dairy Cabinet Pump

  • Low profile to fit under refrigeration display cabinets
  • Designed to remove condensate and wash water
  • Fully automatic with alarm and integral NRV
  • Stainless steel construction – 230v
  • 40mm side and top entry with strainer
  • 24m high head performance
  • Flow to 630 ltrs/hr

CE200 waste water disposal unit

  • Activated carbon Filter – Hygienic, completely sealed unit shields unpleasant odours.
  • High performance pump - to 9.5m head –
  • Compact design – L 308mm x W 152mm x H 265mm
  • Electronic controls – float-less level controls
  • Stainless steel construction – robust and easy to clean.
  • Purging port – hygienic integral dispense purging.
  • Quick release hose connections - for ease of installation & maintenance.
  • 2m lead - Supplied with dedicated mains cable and 13amp plug.
  • 1 year warranty - direct manufacturer's backup.
  • Sealed waterproof motor unit – protection from water splashes.
  • Integral non return valve – prevents backflow
  • British made – designed and manufactured in Cambridgeshire, England

PH-3-HW Boiler Hot Water & condensate pump

  • Specially designed to take both domestic boiler condensate and pressure relief hot water
  • Fully automatic pump with high-level alarm
  • Designed to remove hot water and condensate from boiler and de-humidifiers
  • 8m lift c/w discharge NRV
  • Hot water temperatures up to 99°c
  • Max 312 ltrs/hr – 230v

SWH series Hot Waste water pumps

  • 3 models in the range. SWH100, SWH170 & SWH190
  • For basement waste water removal from washing machines etc.
  • Fully automatic with alarm
  • 6m to 11m lift c/w NRV
  • Max temperature to 90*C - 230v
  • Standard DN40 & DN50 in-out
  • 1¼" discharge
  • Flow from 8,000 to 14,000 ltrs/hr

UFB 200 series (Underground) water pumps

  • 3 models in the range, UFB200/30, UFB200/35 & UFB200/40
  • Polyethylene container with 20 l effective capacity – 230v
  • Fitted with a submersible waste water pump with float switch
  • Discharge 1¼" with integrated non-return valve
  • An additional DN 50 coupling is supplied
  • Ideal for the removal of domestic waste water
  • Wet rooms, washing machines
  • Flows from 115 to 160 ltrs/min
  • Heads to 10m

SWH500 series (Above ground) water pumps

  • 6 models in range, single or twin pump units
  • Designed for use in basement below backwash level
  • Solids from 10 to 30mm
  • Polyethylene container with 75ltr effective capacity
  • Automatic controls
  • Pumps manufactured in Stainless steel – 230v
  • Temperature to 90 deg. C short term
  • Flows from 125 to 230ltrs/min
  • Heads to 10m

USS series mud pump and pond cleaner

  • 4 models in range for domestic and industrial use – 230v
  • USS 3000 & USS 7000 & USS 4000 and USS 8000 are oil resistant
  • Very portable diaphragm pumps with 1" suction & discharge hoses
  • Universal application with lance and tools
  • Ideal for cleaning ponds, Flooded rooms, swimming pools etc
  • The removal of abrasive mediums
  • Cleaning and emptying tankers and lift shafts
  • Solids to 15mm
  • Heads to 6.5m
  • Flows from 50 to 100ltrs/min

RWNA series Rainwater harvesting

  • 8 systems in range, ideal for domestic grey water and garden irrigation
  • Readymade compact for automatic rainwater supply from cistern
  • Automatic reserve supply from mains water
  • Mounted multi-stage quiet MP booster pump – 230v
  • Automatic switch over from rain to mains water
  • Electronic controls

RWNA ECO series Rainwater harvesting

  • 8 compact systems in range
  • Ideal for domestic grey water and garden irrigation
  • Readymade for automatic rainwater supply from cistern
  • Automatic reserve supply from mains water
  • Mounted multi-stage quiet MP booster pump – 230v
  • Automatic switch over from rain to mains water
  • Electronic controls

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