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Solar and Geothermal Flushing Pumps

Fillflush 4 bar and Fillflush 6 bar

  • Reinforced flow & return hose
  • Filling cap/On/Off switch
  • Inner pipe/sock filter for return flow
  • 25 L Tank
  • High Tank allows Sediments to settle at bottom
  • DRAIN ½"
  • Pressure Gauge & Pump Discharge
  • "TX" Model is equipped with a manual test pump
  • Brass filter/strainer
  • Stainless Steel trolley

Fillflush 6 bar

  • 230V 50Hz
  • Do not activate unattended
  • Pay attention to a possible return of hot fluid to avoid any risk of skin burn
  • Solar thermal - cover collectors during hot and sunny days
  • 21 mm pipe must connect the pump Out and the system In
  • 17 mm pipe must connect the system Out and the tank In
  • Different diameter of pipe avoids air bubbles
  • Use for all water based systems, glycol, biocide etc.
  • Clean the tank with filter opened.
  • Avoid the activation if hands are wet
  • 12 months warranty from date of purchase

Geofill Pump

  • Manufactured by HPC for filling ground source heat pumps
  • Poweful 4.7 bar pump

We also stock a comprehensive range of water and effluent pumps, as well as chemical pumps for the heating trade. Look here to see a detailed list of HPC Direct pumps that we manufacture and supply.

New! Click to view HEP Plus 25-7.0 E 130

To find out more about HPC Direct's products, including pumps for the heating trade, chemical pumps and water pumps, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on: 07944 344043 or 02380 275 205

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