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Underfloor Heating Pumps

Eco-Minishunt single room underfloor heating system (40 sq.M).

Eco Mini Shunt

Technical Data

Max. system pressure 1 Mpa (10 bar)
Max. system temperature  110°C (boiler circuit), 55°C (floor heating)
Max. differential pressure 100 kPa (1 bar) in the radiator-/boiler circuit
Electrical connection 1 x 100-230 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 12 Watt (circulating pump)

The unit is designed to supply floor heating areas up to approx. 40 sqm (from pipe 16x2mm onwards) in one - or two-pipe-systems. The connection of up to 2 floor heating circuits is possible.

Two versions are available:
Eco-Minishunt RS: Mixing set with room temperature control by thermostat (10-26°C + frost protection) with remote sensor (1m).

Eco-Minishunt EA: For temperature by thermoelectric drive connection to a room thermostat. (room thermostat not included)

The Eco-Minishunt is provided with a temperature protection system that restricts the supply temperature in the floor heating circuit to max. 55°C.

Download Installation and operation manual

Eco Mini Shunt

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